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How to optimize landing page conversion

A landing page is no doubt one of the most important elements in your journey of conquering your customers. Like blog and social media, landing page need a well prepared content and layout in order to capture visitor’s information in their… Continue Reading →

Tạo landing page với AdCoffee: Hướng dẫn chi tiết

Trong Inbound Marketing, xây dựng tệp khách hàng tiềm năng có thể được coi là bước quan trọng nhất. Tệp khách hàng tiềm năng khác với một danh sách email thông thường ở chỗ những người để lại thông tin đều… Continue Reading →

Create landing page using AdCoffee: Detailed instruction

Creating landing page is a powerful function of AdCoffee. This allows even non-tech users to create their own landing page within a few minutes. During your first experience with AdCoffee, you maybe confused by AdCoffee wide range of tools and functions. Let… Continue Reading →

Ideas for a Facebook content plan

  In AdCoffee previous posts, we have gone through blog content strategy. Your next step after taking care of your blog content is creating social media background to endorse your blog. In this post, let’s have a look at how… Continue Reading →

Great content for your blog, NOT just about content

On AdCoffee’s last post about building great content for your blog, we offered you some clues what to write about when you think you run out of ideas. In this post, let’s discuss about other things around building content for your… Continue Reading →

Build great content for your blog

Blog is where your inbound marketing campaign starts. However, writing has never been an easy task since we were still in schools. Writing in marketing is a bit different. If you are writing with a purpose of promoting your business,… Continue Reading →

Landing page chuyên nghiệp với AdCoffee

Một trong những công cụ hữu ích của inbound marketing là Landing page. Landing page có thể hiểu đơn giản là một trang web có nội dung dẫn dắt người đọc thực hiện một hành động nhất định, thường là… Continue Reading →

Your first days with inbound marketing (Part 2)

Welcome back to AdCoffee. How is it going with your inbound marketing campaigns? Have you started with what you learned in the previous blog, or are you still preparing for your initiation? Both are okay. Let’s talk about the rest… Continue Reading →

Your first days with inbound marketing (Part 1)

Inbound Marketing is a new terminology first used only a few years ago. Over the past few decades, we are used to the old marketing methods, which target customers directly, sometimes in an annoying way, with spam emails, cold calling… Continue Reading →

Magiamgia247 – Double leads with AdCoffee

As one of the successful clients of AdCoffee, Magiamgia247 is a potential promo codes platform from Vietnam. Having been launched for only a short time, it’s demonstrating its possibility to become a trend with excellent performance. Let’s take a look… Continue Reading →

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