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Tips To Improve Facebook Page Retention Rate

‘80% revenue comes from 20% customers.’ And most of 20% is return customers. It is easy to understand that the cost to convert new customers than the cost to keep customer relation to make them become return customers. In digital… Continue Reading →

Seeding: Small But Powerful Touch Point

  What is seeding in marketing? Seeding is a vital part of digital marketing. Like the word meaning itself, seeding in marketing is similar to seeding in agriculture to get fruits in the future. The message you deliver is a… Continue Reading →

The more split testing, the more optimization

You are running facebook ad campaigns, but the results are not good while spending a lot of budget, effort and time on it? Statistics show that marketers are wasting more than a half of cost on ad campaigns because of… Continue Reading →

Ad Creative Guru: The Vital Factor Of Powerful Ads

As a next part of creatives series, in this article, AdCoffee will provide you the deep understanding about the power behind any effective ads, Ad Creative Guru. WHY do you need to be creative guru or recruit a creative guru?… Continue Reading →

How To Write Great Ad Text With WH Questions

Creating ad creatives is one of the time-consuming tasks for marketers. It is always the pain point for them as it is hard for technologies to touch in the room like that. Even the technologies support marketers to create creatives,… Continue Reading →

Top Mistakes To Cause Ads To Fail

Many beginners in Facebook Ads spend a lot of budget on it, however, no result is generated. You are depressed and frustrated. Please keep calm and review your ads to find problems. Your ads do not work because of problems/mistakes… Continue Reading →

How to create an ad campaign on

After activating your AdCoffee account, you are still confused about the way to create campaigns on AdCoffee, follow the simple steps as follows! Step 1: Campaign Hit the button ‘New Campaign’ Fill in the campaign name Choose ad account Choose… Continue Reading →

10 Unbreakable Rules For Ad Headlines

Do you know headlines play an important role in the total ad? According to official statistics, it accounts for about 80% of the success of a certain Facebook ad. Users only spend about one second for your ad and your… Continue Reading →

New Powerful Dashboard: Blow Away Report Worries

AdCoffee Dashboard Version 2.3.0 officially launches on March 07. Are you ready to say goodbye to messy nonsense report tables and charts?       Performance overview of all ad accounts It is not hard to find marketers who take… Continue Reading →

3 Performance Metrics To Concern For More Effective Ad Campaigns

Take a look at key metrics of performance to know how users engage with your ads. From that, take action to optimize your ads for more effective campaigns. CTR For digital marketers in general and Facebook marketers in particular, CTR… Continue Reading →

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